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Tv/film hire CBBC
Tv/film hire CBBC
Tv/film hire CBBC
Tv/film hire with Stefan Gates the children's TV Chef
Tv/film hire documentary
Tv/film hire 'Wrens'
Tv/film hire with Gary Windrass - Mikey North
Tv/film hire 'The lost child'
Tv/film hire Studio Lambert
Tv/film hire 'Four in a bed'
Tv/film hire 'four in a bed' ice cream
Tv/film hire 'Carry on caravanning' Chanel 5
Tv/film hire


Angies Ice Cream Hire are a trusted reliable company that offer vintage style working items for the film industry.

All our items can be hired working & serving, or if you prefer we will gladly hire them as props and are even able to  provide pretend ice cream so the casts on screen clothes do not get ruined!

We have previously hired all our items to the film industry including working alongside the lovely Martin Shaw in the drama George Gently and working with the CBBC & G Dagon.

If you would like to hire any of our items but are unsure how to use the machines, do not worry we will make if for you first.

We will gladly deliver and remove our items to your required venue, while discretely staying in the background.

All our items for hire are fully insured including full public & product liability.


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